Monday, March 26, 2007

This is NOT sexy

No wonder why the new models are so thin! The clothing is the reason! Only a walking skeleton will not look fat in the new overly complicated- un-sophisticated- baggy dressing we call Spring Ready to Wear 2007.

Those short diaper shorts, or rolled over waistlines, the added pockets everywhere, the dropped waist dresses, the baby-doll no-shape-about-them mini dresses
(should be called trash-bag-dressing)

Think very hard. Do you know anyone personally (minus the coke-addicts, professional models, barfers, or the starvers) that wear these looks and actually look sexy? Ask any man what looks sexy, and two thirds will say a little black dress, big hair, red lips, and killer high heels. Now, in the world of fashion that may be an important staple, but we have to evolve, show we have new tricks, so we try to prove ugly can be beautiful. Guess what, I am not falling for it.

Even if we are not dressing for men, (which every woman secretly is) can we honestly say that wearing a bag dress with pockets on the side makes us feel sexy and chic? I’d guess no.

The pieces this season are so beautiful on the models, but just add weight to everyone else. Sometimes it is OK for fashion to be funny and bit silly and I totally get it. Why take things so seriously? Right, it is our art. But seriously, our art is different then the other mediums, it has to go on bodies, make women feel good, and honestly at the end of the day, make money.

The good news is, because fashion turns around so quickly, and is all about opposites, we will start to see the hourglass again. Oh how I wish DKNY would go back to her early 90s New York power player collections that were smart, sexy, and uber fashionable.

That is all for now on the subject, but in closing, I want my waist back!

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