Friday, September 07, 2007

Black Shiny Things

They are calling it the Nu Grave-a look similar to what was hot in Paris during the late 90s.

This time it's over-the-top dramatic (think Marilyn Manson as the main inspiration!) with PVC leggings, black lips and eyes, lots of pleated leather, black lace, long black gloves and head wraps inspired by the 1940s army factory girls.

Goldsign Leather Jeans, about $1400, and PVC Leggings Les Chifonnier about $400

This new look for Fall comes as a great contrast to the disco bright neon phase (aka Nu Rave) that has taken club kids in every city by storm.


Top British designers such as Christopher Kane and Gareth Pugh have influenced the East London crowd (which is a major source of "whats hot before its hot" in the past).

Christoper Kane:

Gareth Pugh:

Over in LA, Imitation of Christ held nothing back with Gothic models in all black and dirty blood lips that would make Morticia jealous. The Olsen Twins (ever the fashion setters) are all over this look- making it their summer staple!

We all knew black was inevitable for Fall, but this dark phase is taking signature black winter to an all new level- one that completely rejects all the looks that were in just a few months ago (aka baby doll dresses, small floral prints, light airy shift dresses and Heidi style jumpers)

I personally love the idea of all black as I already wear too much black for one person! The dark lips and greasy hair may be too extreme for everyday use- but the next time you are at Boombox (soon to be re-named Doombox) you'll know which lip hue will have you avoiding the Que!

About a School Boy

All the big boys in fashion (please excuse the pun) are taking a school days approach to Fall/ Winter 2007. We are seeing tailored wool pants just cropped above the ankle paired with oxford lace up pumps and boys uniform inspired tailored blazers.

Check it out:

My first thought was: Hallelujah! I wanted to thank them for not repeating the Voluminous look that will not die.

Another Example:
3.1 Philip Lim

Its sexy, smart, classy, sophisticated and classic.

Thom Browne for Black Fleece