Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vogue's Ad pool drying up?

If we needed just one more sign of our flailing economy, we can just take a look at the ad sales for the biggest issue of the year, Vogue September.

"Vogue's ad pages for its September issue number 50 fewer than last year's, which numbered 725." Source

Guess Who?

Comme des Garcons' black cotton velvet, polyester satin and nylon tulle dress, at Comme des Garcons, New York.

Christy Turlington in the new W magazine.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DVF for us Wonder Women

This coming October, Ms. Furstenberg will be unveiling a new collection inspired by Wonder Woman.

This is not the first time fashion and superhero's have co-existed; last spring, the annual Met Gala was theme was based on superhero characters.

Of the collaboration, von Furstenberg said: "Wonder Woman is the ultimate symbol of female strength, independence and freedom. When Warner Bros. approached me to collaborate, I immediately thought it was a fun idea that would reinforce my belief in women and commitment to their empowerment. The collection will inspire every woman to be the Wonder Woman she wants to be."

Source: Vogue.com

Shop Style comes to UK!

Now you can find all of your favourite UK brands housed under one website. Happy days.

Look of the day: Blake Lively

At the premiere of the Dark Knight in NYC

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kate Moss on the cover of August Vogue (American Edition)

Looking like a lady... perhaps Bruce Oldfield will take back his comments about the modern woman.

Only MK could get away with this...

The Olsen's are by far the only two (real) people I think can get away with knee-high gladiator sandals.

Have you tried the trend?

Linda Evangelista for Prada????

Why? I get Claudia and Christy returning for a second run, but Ms. Evangelista does nothing for me. Prada is usually so forward with model choices, but this is an odd fit for me. The beautiful, structured lace creations need a soft angelic (young) face to give the collection a modern and youthful edge. What do you think, does Linda fit for the new campaign? Sorry Sasha.

Cheap Shop: Littlewoods direct

A mate of mine was wearing one of the most fantastic blouses I have seen in a long time, and after shamelessly asking where it was from, she leaned in and whispered: "littlewoods". I did a search online, and it turns out there are plenty of cheap chic buys on the direct website. Below are my favourites.

Definitions waterfall top

Definitions boyfriend jacket

Definitions check coat

Nicholas Millington asymmetric shoulder dress

South one shoulder frill top

Love Label check dress

Reminder: While these disposable fashion finds are fantastic, to avoid looking like a victim of the high street, pair with smart tailoring, well made bags, and designer shoes.

Im a tights-aholic

Yes, I admit it. If there was one thing I could not live without, it would be my Tabio 110 denier tights. I even wear tights in August. Sometimes a girl needs a little variety, so if you are like me, you were overjoyed when Lagerfeld put his touch on tights for Fall 2008. I am so enamored with the two tone Chanel hosiery, see for yourself below:

A tights story:


Available in stores September 1st, ranging from £120-140.00

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Paris must have rubbed off on me...

Lately, I have been so enamoured with classic French dressing.

Yesterday I took my favourite fashion buddy shopping for the usual trip around the shops in London. We decided to check out just how good the sales are (however we ended up drooling over all of the new merchandise for Fall 2008 Part 1)

Our mate at Balenciaga took out the brand new hand painted one of a kind dress made of latex. The price tag is hefty- 31,000 GBP. That's $62,000! No wonder the store only received one, which no doubt will be snapped up straight away by some Russianista in seven inch stilettos. Perhaps.

Here is a photo of the dress:

The photos do not do this collection justice; I even remember looking at the reviews and photos when they debuted on style.com and shrugging to a less impressive follow-up to Fall 2007 (hard to beat, admittedly!)

The sales were better than we thought- considering at this time of the summer, most merchandise has been picked over by the many 'vultures' wanting a bargain. I ended up with a pair of Balenciaga heels (will fit in for Fall 2008) and Josef caved in and bought a pair of Martin Margiela 'jazz shoes' he had been lusting after for quite some time now.

I agree taking pictures of our purchases may have been a bit silly, but we were excited about our day, and walked away quite inspired