Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More is more, brighter the better

Going Neon!

So much of the contemporary market is affected by music and art these days. Electronic house music and style of the world famous clubs like Cinespace, Boombox, Circus, Trash, and Le Paris Paris have set the new age pop following. In urban cities (London, Paris, Los Angeles) a real trend has pushed its way where everything goes, as long as you own it.

Throw on every necklace you own. Do not bathe for a few days. In fact, don't even brush your hair! Slather on some bright shadow or deep hued lipstick, some shades, and hit the club. You will for sure fit right in! Here are some photos.

Websites like Dirtydirtydancing.com, and thecobrasnake.com make dressing up for the camera a whole new ballgame.

There is a look to be had; its youthful, bright, fun and a bit silly. Its the 80s and 90s remixed. Graphic Tees, bright jeans, neon colored dresses, plastic accessories, chunky glasses, lots of skin.

More to follow. Stay tuned.