Saturday, June 23, 2007

Libertine for Target: Preview

Next up for the Target Go:International program is NYC/LA Libertine. The best way to describe this line is as a punked out J-Crew. Famous for silk screening Tuxedo jackets and tailored shirts, seems like Libertine has found an equal balance for all types of customers for Target. A preview of their line, coming to stores starting July 15, 2007

A brief background on the Libertine brand via Target Press:

"The Libertine brand was born in 2001 after New York-based Greene (at the time a graphic designer at DKNY) sent her L.A.-based friend and aspiring actor, Hartig, a t-shirt with a gorilla silkscreened on it. He re-cut it and wore it to a party and shortly thereafter, their line was being sold at high-end boutiques. Mixing vintage with a twist of graphic prints and unexpected juxtapositions, their sophisticated, rough-edged collections are united through themes like Victoriana, goth and punk. With diverse influences ranging from romantic literary icons to skateboard culture, Hartig and Greene’s bi-coastal collaboration is one-of-a-kind in the fashion industry and has earned Libertine top honors such as the 2004 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award."

So, What do you think? Love it or will pass this designer time around?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Whats black, white and red all over?

Gucci Cruise Collection!!!

Wow, I haven't loved a Gucci collection in some time- but this one is fantastic. The look is as if Dorris Day joined a Rock Band. I love the 50s knee length bell skirts, leather, clam diggers and the classic jazz shoe!

What do you think? Has Gucci succeeded or are they coming away from their all-sexy style?

Beauty: Blue lip gloss

I know you are thinking how un-sexy blue lip gloss sounds. I mean, lips are supposed to be pouty pink, pucker up red, or even a coral color.

But, the blue gloss goes on and gives you the perfect sheen, a touch of color, and it illuminates your teeth!

The best of the best are:

Benefit California Kissin' $16 at

Bourjois Fresh Kiss Minty Lip Gloss

And, Lancome has a Juicy tube in blue- but not pictured!

Go try it- and see how much whiter your teeth look!

Fred Segal: an Ethical night out

Thursday, June 14th 8pm
Brand Launch Party: Social Atelier

I arrive- Prada clad and with the pleasure of having my lovely mother as my guest-to what seems like an array of social propaganda; but you know the good kind. Models greet the guests half naked with anti-sayings on their chests:

Wall to wall posters of youthful models wearing t-shirts with "green and peace issues" written on the front.

You can buy these shirts at Fred Segal, and to read more about their cause- go to

Each season they are going to chose a different nonprofit to direct a portion of the proceeds to and for this season they have chosen the Solar Cooking Project.

On to the good stuff, Pics from last night's crowd.

OK, so lots of skinny black ties on men. Glad to see they finally got the memo. I sort of love it when they wear them with jeans and sneakers. On to the girls: most of the girls looked excited for summer- probably wearing their new hot weather dresses. I saw a huge nod to vintage bohemian which will always be the California cool way to dress. Unfortunately, still seeing those huge shapeless bag dresses which for some reason keep appearing on racks and make ordinary women look like they are wearing a potato sack. If you missed my opinion on smock dresses, click here for a reminder.

Anyway, the night was about making a statement through fashion- and hopefully we will see more events/ designers like this one.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Longing for a new length

Easy summer breezy dresses are all the rage this season. Want to stand out? Try a new length- you will feel so sexy and fashion forward- and the best part is they are comfortable and work on so many occasions. Picnic? yep. Drinks in the city? Oh yah. Beach day? even better!

Jonathan Saunders:

Marios Schwab

Donna Karan

Yes you can do the Afri-can

Oooo I love these African inspired prints for Spring. The colors are quite neutral so they are perfect for adding colorful accessories and making your look eclectic.



Donna Karan

Jonathan Saunders

The best part of this trend is it wont cost you much to try it out- local vintage shops are full of light summer African-inspired dresses. Also- Zara and Forever 21 are filling their stores with black and white patterned frocks.

Top shop- $60-$100, shop here