Friday, March 30, 2007

Hats on for Spring!

Let's make sure this trend stays! Hats can be so chic, when pulled off correctly.

Keep your look femenine and simple, that way you wont look crazy, just impeccable!

Take Proenza Schouler's Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear for example:

And Chanel!

And Ralph Lauren!

And, Temperley

In a season where anything goes, try wearing a hat, they empower you.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Fashionistas and Prostitutes have more in common than you think

We love fur.
We spend our money frivilously.
We will wear bright colored mini dresses with black tights and high heels.
We love shiny accessories.
We love bright lipstick colors.
Infact, we also love exotic skins and anything embelished.

Millionaire or Prostitute?

So, now,as a self-proclaimed fashionista, how can I walk down Kings road without an old man wondering how much I cost? Dress for the neighborhood. Silver mini-dress best fits in East London.
And absolutly most importantly, show some class and dignity at all times. Afterall we are ladies underneath the loud clothing.

Why I have a crush on Harvey Nichols

Think of any brand that is good, and then think of the best possible assortment from that brand. Now, go shopping at Harvey Nichols. You will be ooing and awing in no time. It's the coolest girls club in the World.

Harvey Nichols has the perfect mix of Art, Fashion and Gourmet Food; its a lifestyle, more than a store.

Shall I even say it? OK, this store is Cooler than Barney’s!

There are no fillers in each department, just solid styles from known and unknown designers. The variety is not overwhelming, the amount of merchandise is just right, as well as the layout. Compared to other Department stores in London, this store is manageable, and sells all that you need.

I personally love floor three, where all the contemporary bridge designers are located. You can get perfectly tailored suit separates at Reiss, the perfect night out mini dress by Sass and Bide, only the it day wear at See by Chloe, and all the chic pieces by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Even the global denim designers fill the floor with spot on trends that every fashion forward woman can covet.

Like I mentioned, the buyers are picky, they know what to buy to set them apart from the other high street stores. The jewelry department is not stuffy and boring, but has a few unique pieces from high end designers as well as upcoming vendors.

The handbag department showcases the hot never-seen pieces from all status-conscious designers (such as hard to find styles of Lanvin and Balenciaga) and offers amazing sales twice yearly.

Shoes at Harvey Nichols are the most edible part of the store (OK, minus the food mart upstairs). Most of the styles are exclusive to the store, as the much coveted Pierre Hardy wedges, perfectly arranged throughout the floor. The sales personnel are extremely helpful when choosing the right pair!

In closing, when in London, shop Harvey Nichols, the best fashion spot in London!

This is NOT sexy

No wonder why the new models are so thin! The clothing is the reason! Only a walking skeleton will not look fat in the new overly complicated- un-sophisticated- baggy dressing we call Spring Ready to Wear 2007.

Those short diaper shorts, or rolled over waistlines, the added pockets everywhere, the dropped waist dresses, the baby-doll no-shape-about-them mini dresses
(should be called trash-bag-dressing)

Think very hard. Do you know anyone personally (minus the coke-addicts, professional models, barfers, or the starvers) that wear these looks and actually look sexy? Ask any man what looks sexy, and two thirds will say a little black dress, big hair, red lips, and killer high heels. Now, in the world of fashion that may be an important staple, but we have to evolve, show we have new tricks, so we try to prove ugly can be beautiful. Guess what, I am not falling for it.

Even if we are not dressing for men, (which every woman secretly is) can we honestly say that wearing a bag dress with pockets on the side makes us feel sexy and chic? I’d guess no.

The pieces this season are so beautiful on the models, but just add weight to everyone else. Sometimes it is OK for fashion to be funny and bit silly and I totally get it. Why take things so seriously? Right, it is our art. But seriously, our art is different then the other mediums, it has to go on bodies, make women feel good, and honestly at the end of the day, make money.

The good news is, because fashion turns around so quickly, and is all about opposites, we will start to see the hourglass again. Oh how I wish DKNY would go back to her early 90s New York power player collections that were smart, sexy, and uber fashionable.

That is all for now on the subject, but in closing, I want my waist back!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Gone to London

Working on a few posts as I type this. London is re-gaining prestige in the Fashion Industry, and it shows!

Lucky me, I get to shop, I mean uh "research" on this trip.

More on this later!

Not bad Fergie

Look who decided to get stylish!
Sleek hair: check.
Nearly there mini-dress: check.
T-strap open toed pumps: check.
Maybe the money from her uber successful album has finally come to good use. If only she had her dreamy man on her arms.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sak's Fifth Ave throws Zac Posen a party

Saks Presents Zac Posen's Fall 2007 Collection Benefiting Chrysalis
March 19, 2007 - Chateau Marmont
West Hollywood, California United States

Lots of beautiful people:

Zac brings such a wonderful combination of sophistication and youthfulness to his clothing. Everyone in attendance looks great in his collection.

To see his Ready to Wear Spring 07 Collection, click here

To buy his collection at Saks, click here

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mandy Moore does Vanity Fair

Mandy Moore is looking amazing in the new issue of Vanity Fair. The photo shoot took place in Paris. To see a video, and more information on the article click here

If she was trying to prove she has grown up, this glamorous haute couture fashion, photo shoot does the trick. Mandy is the perfect example of a woman being sexy without posing in lingerie.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Review

Those of you that read this blog regularly will come to know I am in love with Chanel and Uncle Karl. Keeping true to the house's simple colors and classic shapes, Karl Lagerfeld mixes up lengths, fabrics and accessories to exemplify what is good in spring. Here is a quick review of Chanel's spring highlights. It is so easy to look at what is new for Fall '07, but we have to remember to dress for the season we are in!!

A mix of Gold, Silver, Black, White (and shock) Plastic at Chanel

I love the mix of gentle chiffon with sequined bottoms and futuristic plastic platforms, all with a rocker edge. No matter which season or year, black and white will always look the most chic.

London's it-boy

Not sure if the buzz has hit over on this side of the Atlantic, but over in London, almost every glossy and fashion magazine are raving about Scottish designer, Christopher Kane. Just graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2006, Kane has already launched his own Women's Ready-to-Wear line, as well as guest designing for Top Shop this spring. Known for his unique approach to body conscious mini dresses and odd materials, Kane is proving himself to play with the rest of the World's greatest designers, boosting the industry in London.

Going totally 80s for Spring '07, Kane used lace panels, seat-belt style belts, and zippers to adorn his very bright and flashy collection. Here are a few shots from the Spring show:

However, for his Fall '07 Collection, keeping his signature formations, took a darker approach. Using Autumn hued velvet and leather with a menswear/knights man vibe, Kane still knocks out a great show. He is someone breaking the rules, pushing fashion forward and helping London join the Fashion leaders in the World.

Here are a few looks from his Fall '07 show: