Friday, June 15, 2007

Fred Segal: an Ethical night out

Thursday, June 14th 8pm
Brand Launch Party: Social Atelier

I arrive- Prada clad and with the pleasure of having my lovely mother as my guest-to what seems like an array of social propaganda; but you know the good kind. Models greet the guests half naked with anti-sayings on their chests:

Wall to wall posters of youthful models wearing t-shirts with "green and peace issues" written on the front.

You can buy these shirts at Fred Segal, and to read more about their cause- go to

Each season they are going to chose a different nonprofit to direct a portion of the proceeds to and for this season they have chosen the Solar Cooking Project.

On to the good stuff, Pics from last night's crowd.

OK, so lots of skinny black ties on men. Glad to see they finally got the memo. I sort of love it when they wear them with jeans and sneakers. On to the girls: most of the girls looked excited for summer- probably wearing their new hot weather dresses. I saw a huge nod to vintage bohemian which will always be the California cool way to dress. Unfortunately, still seeing those huge shapeless bag dresses which for some reason keep appearing on racks and make ordinary women look like they are wearing a potato sack. If you missed my opinion on smock dresses, click here for a reminder.

Anyway, the night was about making a statement through fashion- and hopefully we will see more events/ designers like this one.

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