Tuesday, April 03, 2007

If The Jazz Shoe Fits...

You can wear menswear shoes and still look girly, but with an edge. Take a look at Alice Temperley's Spring line:

In a season all about legs, we are seeing the hemlines rise so high, it would be wrong and may I say vulgar to wear anything other than flats for daytime.
(The rules have changed slightly for heels + mini at night)

If you are ready to burn your ballet flats, or just want a change, try pairing your mini shift dresses with jazz shoes! They may seem a bit odd but many fashion lovers are coming around to them, and with the 1940s look on the rise, jazz shoes will be staying in trend for Fall.

The best part is, they do not cost much! Here are a few great pairs by Steve Madden and topshop:

I would not wear black jazz shoes in order to avoid looking live you've just come from dance class.

The silver and white ones are all over stores in Paris and London. I especially love the white patent ones, if you can find them! What's great is you can still wear them with tights or skinny jeans on a cold day.

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