Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stir me up a pair of those Stir-ups

Last week, Josef and I went to Bond st to check out the Men's Prada merchandise for Fall. The afternoon turned into an obsession with the stir-up tailored pants Miuccia put out for Men's Ready to Wear. A nod to the traditional jockey uniform, could this really be the next "it" men's look? I must admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for a man's ankle. This may sound odd, but think about it, how nice does a man look when hes wearing loafers without socks? The ankle is most definitely an overlooked part of a mans body which exemplifies the very ruggedness of his being. Well, maybe an overstatement, so on to the stir-ups.

Paired with the Glace Oxford Lace ups and the perfectly tailored blazers, it takes a stylish man to pull off such a look. The style is very equestrian approach to the tailored pant, what a great shape for the new suit.

These pants are the perfect opportunity for fashionable men to break out of the homogeneous fashion zone that menswear is in just now.

If you cant afford Prada (they run for around £280) get yourself over to a Riding store, where I'm sure you can find riding pants a plenty.

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