Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Labels slashed 80%

Okay, I'm sure by now you are seeing a pattern: we are all looking for labels on the cheap due to this annoying credit crunch. Gas prices are high, and the cost of living has gone up so high, Ive even had to give up my favourite daily splurge latte in the hopes of keeping my closet thriving. Well, who knew all I would have to do is travel on the tube to Islington, where the longest running sample sale has just moved, the designer warehouse sale.

Stock is said to be replenished daily, and the promise is to deliver designer goods for about 80% less than the retail price. To be honest, I love going to places like this because unlike the usual stroll around department stores, you never know what little gems you will find- and the likelihood of someone else wearing the same thing at a cocktail party is slim to none.

Ive already devoted my Thursday to scoping out the new bigger and better warehouse.

More info can be found at the Designer Warehouse website

Ps, have any of you already been?

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