Sunday, December 18, 2005

Celeb. Brands

Although J LO was one of the firsts, Celebrity fashion houses have been getting pretty cute I must say. The other day I was in Lisa Kline and picked up these fantastic jeans by Beyonce. Ofcourse, it wasn't until after I bought these "House of Dereon" jeans that they were infact the bootylicious superstar's. I've got some booty of myself and they do just the trick.

Another Celeb making waves is Mandy Moore. She is SO hot, I have a secret style crush on her.

Her Brand, Mblem is being sold everywhere, and has the cutest little tees and tanks. The fabric is soooo soft, and the cuts are simple but unique. Way to go Mandy. Oh,you can order those at Lisa Kline.

Go ahead and ignore Jessica's line of clothes, Princy. They are all copies of bad bad bad clothes, and will soon be available in the clearance section of Marshals.

"Like oh my gaaaa, I don't know how to design anything and my sister dresses out of garbage dumpster."

Oh Baby Baby

We can all thank the good lord for not letting our trailer trash princess Britney expand her empire into fashion. Can you imagine? Long skirts, no shoes, and wife beaters with sexually explicit content. BO scent comes with no extra charge.
Hair accessories come spring 2006.

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Schanina said...

What wash did you buy? I am in the process of ordering and I can't decide.